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Creating a Caring Culture NOW

What’s a caring culture and who needs one?

Simply put, a caring culture is one where folks give a damn about something other than themselves. 

Who needs one? All of us. Except the psychopaths among us. They hate caring unless it can be exploited for their own ends. But I digress.

To be human is to fundamentally desire connection and meaning in life. Google it. Caring workplaces provide that and more, all while facilitating goodness in the community and in the world.

We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of excuses and mediocrity. We’re tired of pettiness and power plays. We’re tired of rudeness and rebellion of the nonsensical sort. We want workplaces that are basic, not too “extra.” Workplaces where a yes means yes, and a no means no. Where leaders tell the truth — first to themselves — and then to everyone else. A workplace where passive aggression is sooooooo last year!

Call us crazy, as in crazy optimistic, crazy naive, and crazy determined, but we’re determined to do our part is making our wants a reality. We believe that calls for a “caring culture” don’t have to sound or be faddish. A caring culture can be REAL. A caring culture can be AUTHENTIC. A caring culture can be sustained and lead to wonderful relationships and great work that serves the individual and the common good.

Won’t you join us? 

Together, Let’s Build a Caring Workforce NOW!



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